PSMF Youth Orchestra

The PSMF Youth Orchestra is for students ages 10-18. Participants will rehearse music with the Featured Guest Musicians for the PSMF Finale Concert at the end of the week.


  • Early Registration $30 per student
  • Registration on first day of rehearsal $35 per student

Participants will receive

  • Sheet Music
  • (4) Master Class / Rehearsals with Featured Guest Musicians
  • (1) Dress Rehearsal with Guest Conductor and Featured Guest Musicians
  • (1) Finale Concert performance with Guest Conductor, Featured Guest Musicians and all participating PSMF groups.
  • (1) Discounted Admission for Featured Guest Musician Concert
  • (1) Discounted Admission for PSMF Finale Concert

Participants will be required to provide

  • (1) Black 3-ring binder for music
  • (1) Pencil


Concert attire is provided by participants. White Top and Black Skirt/Pant.


A detailed rehearsal schedule will be provided to all participants and posted online.


Participants must have transportation to and from rehearsals by parents or legal guardians. Transportation for small groups can be arranged “going to” rehearsals. Parents or legal guardiansĀ must pick up participants after rehearsals.