Members of Cantate‘s musical skill levels range from the dedicated amateur to professional. Members share a passion for choral music, the desire to work hard and have a good time. Membership is open to EVERYONE! Some choral experience, such as ability to sight-read music is helpful, though not required. The group varies in size between 25-60 men and women.


$20 per person or $30 for two (2) in the same family.

** Music costs are additional and vary by concert. Typically the cost is in the $20 range. Scholarships are available.To arrange for scholarships or payment plans, please email

If you are undecided about whether to join the choir, you are welcome to borrow the sheet music for the first (2) rehearsals. Afterwards, the music must be paid for or returned (unmarked).


Members should make every attempt to be on time to rehearsals and concert calls. On average, it seems that every member misses two (2) rehearsals during the season. If it is unavoidable that you must miss more, please communicate with your section leader. People missing any of the last three (3) rehearsals pre-concert should discuss concert participation with the Resident Conductor. Most rehearsals are held at the St. John’s Parish Hall in Upper Tumon. Concerts are performed at the St. John’s Church unless otherwise notified.


Members must work on learning their voice parts, attending any additional sectional rehearsals, listening to practice CD’s (if provided) and/or using the available midi files online.


Members must stay current with email messages and information posted on the website and social media. A detailed season schedule will be provided as well as available online. Members are encouraged to communicate with their section leaders, who serve as liaisons to the Board Members, Resident Conductor and/or Artistic Director.


  • Use good judgement about attending if you are ill or may be contagious
  • Avoid fragrances, perfumes or colognes as many of our members have allergies
  • Communicate with your Section Leader about attendance or with any questions.
  • Refrain from talking and from singing another section’s part while they are rehearsing.
  • Always bring a pencil and only use pencils to mark your music.
  • Write your name on your music!
  • Put your cell phones on SILENT.
  • WATCH the Conductor.


  • Women:  Black long or knee length skirt or black pants. White blouses with sleeves that should be at least 3/4 length. Black closed toe shoes (No High Heels.) Jewelry should be minimal.
  • Men: White long sleeved shirt, buttoned dress shirt with collar, white undershirt (no designs), black slacks/trousers, black socks and long black necktie.
  • MUSIC will be kept in black folders.